Inglés Primary


Hi Freezy was thought and made for kindergarten students to give them a solid support in the learning of English as a second language. The series has a teacher’s book which includes worksheets with activities that help the development of the contents of each book. In addition, the series is provided with flashcards, posters, and an audio CD.

Hi Freezy is an interesting six – level primary series of designed books made to develop the four linguistic abilities of English language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in an easy and practical way for students to learn a second language. The collection comes with a student book, workbook and a CD for students. It also comes with a multimedia CD and supporting material like flashcards, posters, teacher’s resources (worksheets and exams), etc. for teachers.

Teachers resources

These materials will alow teacher's to better develop their activities in a better way.

▪ Resource ▪ Puppet ▪ Flash card ▪ Posters ▪ Teacher’s guide

CD Rom interactive

It also includes a CD with audio and video. 1°, 2°, 3° y 4° Dvd rom / 5° y 6° Cd rom